Goals & Objectives

Our aim is to become a self-satisfactory, proactive and leading institute offering quality learning, teaching and counseling in the field of education to the students and teachers. Baalak Yesu Convent School, Phatak Majri is concerned with holistic education of its students so that the students become enlightened individuals to serve the society. Our aim is to develop the students as rational and balanced human beings and citizens of modern India and the Global Village.


  • To impart and instill an all-round education based on spiritual values.
  • To develop a sense of self-respect and responsibility.
  • To impart appropriate moral and spiritual values.
  • To create the spirit of tolerance, patience, love and respect for values.
  • To instil leadership qualities.
  • To encourage committed social work.
  • To inculcate all the encompassing qualities of a global citizen.
  • To enable the learners to keep pace with changing times.
  • To empower the learners to stride ahead of times.
  • To make the students intellectually well informed, socially concerned, morally upright, emotionally balanced, physically well developed, capable of loving and serving their fellow beings, nationally upright with integrity and spirit of unity etc...
  • Thus turning boys and girls capable of responding to the challenges of life with joy and a deep faith in God, self and their fellow beings.